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ITU, ETSI, TIA and other Telecom Measurement Standards
For nearly 20 years HEAD acoustics has contributed to the development of new telecommunication standards in close co-operation with standardization institutes such as e.g. 3GPP, ITU-T, ETSI, TIA and others. The relevant norms are implemented into measurement standards for the    communication analysis system ACQUA to allow automated measurements according to standard requirements or further analyses (cf.    HQS, HEAD Quality Standards) based on the comprehensive experience of HEAD acoustics.
List of measurement standards available for ACQUA
      List of ACQUA measurement standards   Open information as a PDF in a new browser window
Data sheets and software downloads for ITU, ETSI, TIA and other Telecom Measurement Standards
C.S0056   Code 6788
3GPP2 Electroacoustic Performance for CDMA 2000 Mobile Stations  
    Downloads available  
CAT-IQ 1.0 Code 6793
CAT-IQ 1.0, Wideband NG-DECT Terminals  
CAT-IQ 2.0   Code 6794
Acoustic Tests of DECT/CAT-iq™ Terminals, based on Test Specification Audio for CAT-iq™ 2.0 Devices  
    Downloads available  
CTIA   Code 6781
CTIA, Acoustical Performance AMPS/CDMA (TDMA)  
    Downloads available  
CTIA-2014   Code 60036
Speech Performance Test Plan  
    Downloads available  
DTAG-Mobile-NB   Code 60013
Voice Quality Evaluation of Mobile Phones, Narrowband Part  
    Downloads available  
Upgrade DTAG-Mobile-WB   Code 60014
Voice Quality Evaluation of Mobile Phones, Upgrade to Wideband  
    Downloads available  
EG 202 518   Code 60004
Maximum Levels and Test Methodology  
    Downloads available  
EIA/TIA-470B Code 6745
EIA/TIA 470 B (North America), Analog Phones  
    Downloads available  
EN 50332   Code 6789
Maximum Sound Pressure Measurement Headphones and
Portable Audio Equipment
    Downloads available  
ETSI ES 202 718 Code 60033
ETSI ES 202 718, Narrowband and Wideband Home Gateways  
    Downloads available  
ES 202 737/38   Code 6795
ETSI ES 202 737/ ES 202 738, Narrowband IP phones  
    Downloads available  
ES 202 739/40   Code 6796
ETSI ES 202 739/ ES 202 740, Wideband IP phones  
    Downloads available  
ES 203 021   Code 6782
Basic Attachment Requirements for Analog Terminals, Standard only
(q.v.     ACOPT 22)
    Downloads available    
      Data sheet Open information as a PDF in a new browser window
ES 203 038   Code 6741
Measurements according to ETSI standard ES 203 038 (Analog Phones)  
    Downloads available  
ETS 300 245-3 Code 6712
ETS 300-245 Part 3, Digital Hands-Free Telephones  
ETS 300 778-1 Code 6707
CLIP according to Standard ETS 300 778-1
(q.v.     ACOPT 11)
FCC 68.316/7   Code 6791
Hearing Aid Compatibility, FCC 47 CFR CH.1 § 68.316 and § 68.317  
    Downloads available  
FZ TSEC Code 6751
Deutsche Telekom" Standard, Network Speech Echo Cancellers  
FZ TSEC-L Code 6779
"Deutsche Telekom" Standard, Network Speech Echo Cancellers incl. Limits  
G165 Code 6722
ITU-T G.165, Network Speech Echo Cancellers  
G168   Code 6750
ITU-T G.168, Network Speech Echo Cancellers  
    Downloads available  
GBT I   Code 6744
GBT/T 15279-94 (China), Analog Phones  
    Downloads available    
      Data sheet Open information as a PDF in a new browser window
GOST 33468-NB   Code 60030
GOST 33468 (ERA-GLONASS), Emergency Call (eCall) Devices,
Narrowband Part
    Downloads available  
UG GOST R55531-WB   Code 60032
UG GOST R55531-WB (ERA-GLONASS), Emergency Call (eCall) Devices, Wideband Part  
    Downloads available  
GSMA HD Voice   Code 60018
HD Voice Logo Minimum Requirements for Mobile Devices  
    Downloads available  
HAC-Suite   Code 60021
Hearing Aid Compatibility Test Suite  
    Downloads available  
P.1100   Code 6797
Speech Quality Assessment of Narrowband Car Hands-free Terminals.
According to ITU-T P.1100
    Downloads available  
P.1110   Code 6798
Speech Quality Assessment of Wideband Car Hands-free Terminals.
According to ITU-T P.1110
    Downloads available  
P.1140   Code 60038
Speech communication requirements for emergency calls originating from vehicles  
    Downloads available  
P.381   Code 60005
ITU-T P.381, Technical requirements and test methods for the universal wired headset or headphone interface of digital mobile terminals  
    Downloads available  
Skype-AS   Code 60000
Skype Hardware Certification Audio Specification incl. Reference Client  
    Downloads available  
Skype   Code 60026
Skype for Business Audio Test Specification  
    Downloads available  
TBR 8   Code 6721
ETSI TBR 8, ISDN Phones  
    Downloads available  
TBR 10   Code 6711
ETSI TBR 10, DECT Phones  
    Downloads available  
TIA-810   Code 6772
EIA/TIA-810 (North America), Digital & VoIP Terminals  
    Downloads available  
TIA-920   Code 6783
EIA/TIA-920 (North America), Wideband Digital- and VoIP Terminals  
    Downloads available  
TIA-920.110-B   Code 60041
ANSI/TIA-920.110-B, Digital Interface Communications Devices with Handsets  
    Downloads available  
TS 102 924/925   Code 60035
Superwideband/Fullband Speech Quality  
    Downloads available  
TS 103 737/38   Code 60019
Narrowband Mobile & Wireless Terminals  
    Downloads available  
TS 103 739/40   Code 60020
Wideband Mobile & Wireless Terminals  
    Downloads available  
TS 26 131-32   Code 6777
3GPP TS 26.131/132, 3G Terminals  
    Downloads available  
UG TS 26 SWB/FB   Code 60028
3GPP TS 26.131/132, Extension Superwideband and Fullband  
    Downloads available  
TS 51.010   Code 6742
3GPP TS 51.010, GSM Mobile Handsets  
    Downloads available  
VDA-HFT-GE   Code 6770
VDA-Specification, Car Hands-free Terminals  
    Downloads available  
VFTST-Audio-NB   Code 60009
Acoustical Quality Evaluation of Terminals, Narrowband Part  
    Downloads available  
Upgrade VFTST-Audio-WB   Code 60010
Acoustical Quality Evaluation of Terminals, Upgrade to Wideband  
    Downloads available  
VZW VoLTE   Code 60023
Electro-acoustic Measurements of VoLTE Mobile Terminals
according to Verizon  Wireless “Codec and Voice quality test plan”
    Downloads available    
      Data sheet Open information as a PDF in a new browser window

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