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  Artificial Head Microphone HSU III - Overview     HSU III.3 - Product Description
HSU III.3 (Code 1326) - HEAD-Shoulder-Unit for the measurement of very low sound pressure levels
The HEAD Shoulder Unit HSU III.3 is an artificial head microphone for binaural measurements of sound events with very low sound pressure levels.
The artificial head geometry is a mathematically describable simulation of the human head and shoulder geometry. HSU III.3 enables an aurally-accurate recording of sound incidents, in which all the characteristics of human aural perception, especially spatial hearing, is supported.
This is required for an accurate auditory impression at playback. Due to the very low background noise and the high dynamic range the HSU III.3 is perfectly dedicated for any measurements of very low sounds, as for instance in the IT industry.
Aurally-accurate, binaural measurements of sound events with very low sound pressure levels, as for instance in the IT industry
Quality control
Another alternative for recording very low sounds
In addition to the HSU III.3 HEAD acoustics now also offers another alternative for recording very low sounds: If you have an HMS III.0 this can be converted into an HMS III.LN, by having the microphones of your HMS III.0 replaced with more sensitive microphones (the same as used for the HSU III.0). We would be happy to submit you a corresponding quotation.
  Data sheet HMS III.LN
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