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  ArtemiS suite - Product Description
ArtemiS suite (Code 5000)
ArtemiS suite is a universal software solution that allows you to perform virtually any task in the area of sound and vibration analysis.
With ArtemiS suite you perform your analysis tasks, use a powerful reporting as well as a straightforward data management and an easy data documentation.
Hearing and analyzing at the same time is of particular importance when using ArtemiS suite, since the acoustic impression helps you to reliably identify sound problems or to define target sounds.
In addition to this interactive workflow, ArtemiS suite supports you with a new Automation function to save time carrying out repetitive or standardized measurement and analysis tasks as well as evaluations with automated report creation.
Sophisticated and user-friendly concepts, which revolutionized the market in the field of sound and vibration analyses with the launch of ArtemiS Classic, have been maintained and improved in
ArtemiS suite.
The start page of ArtemiS suite gives quick access to the software. The “Get Started” tours allow users to learn all important aspects in a short time.
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Besides, ArtemiS Classic remains at your disposal as an inherent part of ArtemiS suite.
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